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Battle Clinical Services

At Battle Clinical Services, we believe in employing evidence-based treatment approaches that are tailored to the client’s needs. We are committed to working within our community at large on destigmatizing mental health, partnering with each client to assist with their unique needs.

Serving Joliet
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Individual Counseling

A joint process in which we guide you toward your goals in pursuit of greater self-understanding and healthy transformation. 

Couples & Family Counseling

Our therapists can work with to identify root causes of problems presented, and work to efficiently address dysfunctional habits.

Growth Development

Face each phase of life by identifying and understanding its unique challenges and opportunities for growth.

Accelerating Growth Through Wellness

Meet Our Providers

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Counseling and psychological services for children, adolescents, adults, and families

Let us help you develop the tools to recapture the feelings of happiness, love and hope. 

Our practice specializes in providing the help your family needs, when you need it the most

The licensed team at Battle Clinical Services is committed to guiding individual self-improvement and health.

Accelerate your life and discover the best possible version of yourself

We offer individual and group coaching sessions to help you develop tools to enhance self-esteem and spiritual wellness.

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